Document Outsourcing

Document Outsourcing

Discover your options and possibilities for increasing profit and reach through high volume laser printing. Financial institutions, advertising agencies and service bureaus are just some of our clients benefiting from cost efficiencies, customization and personalization features available through variable digital imaging.

  • Formost mediaOne's Document Outsourcing Division can help you bring your reports, post cards, bar-code labels or off-size documents to the next level. Some of our products and services include:

    • document design
    • front-end programming
    • font and electronic form creation
    • image scanning
    • image conversions
    • document versioning

    Full Variable Colour

    Your communication materials will always have more powerful impact when you choose to add variable colour. Static or variable, text, graphics or photos, if a picture is worth a thousand words your documents will speak volumes with variable digital colour imaging.

    Formost mediaOne's state-of-the-art Canon imagePRESS C7010VP and Canon imagePRESS C7000VP Variable Colour Digital printers support sheet sizes from 4 inches x 6 inches to 13 inches x 19 inches, and weights from 17 lb text to 110 lb cover, simplex and duplex capable with inline booklet maker.

    Full Variable Black

    When you need speed and flexibility variable black laser printing is the way to go. Our 7 unit, high speed cut sheet laser, and IBM Infoprint 4000 with 4 printer engines provide:

    • cut sheet or continuous
    • up to 1,200 dots per inch
    • paper sizes up to 14 inches by 18 inches, in weights up to 110 lb
    • simplex or duplex
    • cut sheet systems offer up to eight input trays to allow for multiple stock types.

    Capacity: 80,000,000 high quality 600 dpi images a month; cut sheet or continuous; simplex or duplex.

    Input Streams: ASCII, EBCDIC, AFP, PCL, Postscript, PDF or any data or database format requiring print layouts.

    Paper Stocks: Numerous weights and styles including: oversize covers, pre-collated tab stock, safety stock, color and pre-printed pages in various sizes from 8.5 x 11 in. to 14 x 18 in.

    Paper Handling: Simplex or duplex; four to eight input trays; complete collated documents with covers, dividers and pre-printed stocks.

    Fonts: Thousands of fixed pitch and proportional fonts. We can also create fonts for either Mac or PC.

    Complex Handling: Sophisticated data merging routines, complex distribution schemes, rotated text or any other intricate challenge you present. We pride ourselves in problem solving and finding the most efficient and economical ways to get your job printed regardless of the complexity.

    Electronic Image: Convert your printed documents to PDF files, providing an exact image that can be indexed and archived to CD, DVD or downloaded via FTP.

    One-Time Jobs: We are always ready and prepared for your one time job, any size on demand.

    Inkjet or Labels

    For a personalized postcard, 9 x 12 in. envelope, tabloid, magazine or anything in between, Formost mediaOne's high speed ink jet equipment is efficient, flexible and offers a wide variety of options. We can also image and affix labels to any document of your choosing.

  • Preparing and sending statements and invoices is an ongoing and integral part of your business. You want a supplier you can trust to make the process as easy as possible while providing consistency and quality. We can save you time, money and resources by optimizing workflow, reducing production costs and designing solutions that minimize postage fees.

    Formost mediaOne is continually investing in state-of-the-art software, technology and systems that increase overall efficiency with win-win results. Our experts are ready to show you the advantages of effective outsourcing and just how easy it can be.

    • we accept virtually any print input stream such as PDF, EBCDIC, ASCII, MOB, DBASE, Postscript, AFP, PCL, or Data format
    • our FTP Servers with redundant T1 connections to the Internet allow you to securely send encrypted files 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Dedicated lines and VPN's are also available and we accept tape, DVD and CD
    • our expertise in all aspects of document design and production means that we provide documents that will present your brand professionally, ensure optimal readability and save on production and distribution costs
    • we take full responsibility for purchasing, inventory, safety stocks, re-order points and quality. Due to the high volume of forms that we print we are able to purchase at better rates, minimize inventory and provide savings

    Document Integrity

    There is nothing more important than document integrity and consistency. Our employees have been trained to understand the ramifications to our clients should document integrity be compromised.

    • all programs are written to validate data and balance totals
    • documents are tracked utilizing both bar-code and unique sequence numbering to ensure 100% document integrity
    • bar-codes and intelligent insertion equipment are used to match each document page

    Postal Optimization

    Postage is the most expensive part of your total mailing costs. We work hard to reduce these costs and save you money. Considerations include:

    • size and stock weights during the design process
    • duplex printing to reduce page count and weight
    • planning and optimizing how marketing inserts are used

    Intelligent Insertion and Dynamic Messaging

    Monthly statements and daily invoices provide an easy opportunity for cross promotion and regular communication with your customers. Selective and Intelligent Insertion can increase your sales by directly targeting and matching customers with products in which they are interested. Intelligent insertion allows you to separate inserts based on criteria such as geography, customer, product and language.

    Another method of optimizing or adding value to your daily and/or monthly mailing is through dynamic messaging. This allows you to import message files and add them to your statements and invoices. Minimum cost with maximum exposure.

    Marketing Insert Management: Marketing inserts are a great way to enhance the value of mailings. They demand careful attention and management. Formost mediaOne will take responsibility and manage all aspects of your order.

    Electronic Re-Prints: Formost mediaOne can provide electronic versions (PDFs) of all your invoices and statements. Any of your employees with access and security privileges can easily search and retrieve PDF copies by any criteria such as account number, invoice number or customer name. This provides quick and easy access to files in case you need to respond to customer queries.

  • Daily notices and confirms are a legally required necessity for financial institutions and service providers and can play an important role in brand reinforcement. By outsourcing to Formost mediaOne you can save valuable staff time and turn simple notices into harder working cross-promotional, customer communication tools.

    Formost mediaOne can:

    • design unlimited static personalized letters and store them as electronic forms for each of your notice types
    • take files you send daily and merge your customer specific financial data with an appropriate letter
    • laser print onto blanks with your signature
    • bar-code and exit scan for document integrity
    • insert into a window or double window security envelope

    Dynamic Messages: We can customize your notices to include a message by notice type, customer type or whatever parameter you may choose.

    Householding: When multiple notices go to the same address, consolidating multiple notices into one envelope can save on postage expenses and consumables.

  • Formost mediaOne offers complete tax form solutions for federal, provincial and US IRS 1099 forms. Our print, mail and electronic services include: programming, paper and envelopes, laser printing, postage optimization, insertion and delivery.

    We accept the CRA Magnetic media format for input of all tax applications and support the standard CRA form including instructions. We use Canada Post certified window envelopes with security encoding, optimizing postage and deliverability.

    Formost mediaOne can also design custom tax forms in compliance with CRA print guidelines. Forms can include detailed account information and other non-CRA reported information as well as customer specific input formats. Consolidation of multiple forms into one envelope does not present a problem.

    We can provide Electronic Tax Forms in PDF format within hours of receiving your data. Final copies including corrections are archived to CD or DVD.

  • Personalized letters and postcards are an ideal format for communicating with customers, developing new business or touching base with employees. Regardless of your message or target audience, Formost mediaOne will help you reach them. We offer turnkey, high quality documents and mailing service regardless of complexity.

    • list purchasing, programming and database cleansing
    • form design and manufacturing
    • up to 1200 dpi laser printing, ink jet printing
    • addressing, postal optimization and mailing
    • validate using CPC software and pre-sort all notices for optimal delivery speed at the lowest postage rate

    We'll meet with you, gain a clear understanding of your needs and develop the right design for your purposes. A well thought out design will save you money by taking into consideration sizes, weights, styles of fold, envelope inserts, postage class, and envelope address options.

    Paper Stocks and Handling: Numerous weights and up to six different stocks at a time including: oversize covers, pre-collated tab stock, safety stock, colour and pre-printed pages in various sizes (from 8.5 x 11 in. to 13 x 19 in.) Six input trays allow programming to select pre-printed forms from any or all trays to produce complete collated documents. We can print simplex or duplex.

    Fonts: Thousands of fixed pitch and proportional fonts. We can also create fonts for either Mac or PC.

    Electronic Forms: We design and produce electronic letters and postcards with embedded logos, signatures and any other graphic you require.

    Postcards: Personalized, laser printed post cards are highly effective and can provide significant savings in postage and related expenses. We offer full digital colour on one or two sides.

  • Collection letters are important to your business and demand care and diligence. They are legally regulated, require stringent production controls, accurate information and time sensitive delivery. Formost mediaOne has the skill and experience necessary to design and program client specific software and manage your initiation and delivery process.

    Formost mediaOne will:

    • design unlimited static personalized letters and store them as electronic forms for a collection series
    • take files that you send daily and merge your customer specific financial data with an appropriate letter
    • laser print onto blanks with your signature
    • bar-code and exit scan for document integrity
    • insert into a windowed security encoded envelope
    • validate using CPC software and pre-sort all notices for optimal delivery speed at the lowest postage rate
    • support custom forms